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What if you could... own your identity, control who has access, and trust the connection? What if you could... own your identity, control who has access, and trust the connection?

With Hotpyp you can!

The world around us is changing at a breakneck pace, accelerating reliance on the internet. The global pandemic has caused the single largest change to the cyberthreat landscape to-date. Trends show that threat levels have increased significantly, creating the biggest opportunity for hackers and scammers our world has ever seen. The existing digital infrastructure is highly inadequate to support the newly distributed workforce and emerging explosion of IoT devices. We at Hotpyp are developing innovative solutions to mitigate these threats!

We can protect you

We’ll help you create your digital identity (Hotpyp Persona) and protect your information with advanced encryption. After you have created your own identity, it belongs only to you, and you alone decide who has access to your information.

Your identity is always biometrically and cryptographically protected in real-time. Your information is never sold. No one will be able to view it unless you allow them access. You are always in control.

You choose what information to share and with whom. Decide who to trust then quickly and easily build a list of trusted contacts. This way you are creating a network with a foundation of trust.

How it Works

Patented Technology

With Hotpyp’s patented technology, we are striving to put trust back where it belongs, directly in the hands of those who have earned it. This will allow you the ability to create, own, and control your digital identity and trust the connections you make.

The importance of the digital world is too great to settle for the failing trust solutions of today. We want to disrupt these ways of the past with a revolutionary approach to trust.

Making you the sole custodian of your digital trust and safety will enable a safe and secure world. The number one thing our digital future needs is Trust!

“Greater trust empowers us to shift energy from a mindset of protection to one of freedom and opportunity.”

– Kelly Yamamoto, Founder & CEO Hotpyp

How it Works