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Privacy & Trust

Your privacy matters. It’s an essential part of digital trust and security. That’s why, we design Hotpyp products to protect your information and give you control over its privacy.

Privacy  is essential to  humanity;  we make decisions about how to protect our identity every day.  It underpins our personal dignity… and protects us from unjustified use of power by states, companies, and others.   There is no  security without privacy.

Security  is about safeguarding one’s person or possession whereas privacy protects one’s identity. Here at Hotpyp we believe that privacy and security make up the shaft that holds up the umbrella of trust.

Without  Privacy  and  Security  there is no  safety, no  protection  and most importantly no  Trust.

Your information is vital to so many parts of your life, you should be able to trust that it is safe. Hotpyp uniquely  empowers  you to control privacy and trust while enhancing your security.  We believe you are an important part of the solution.

By giving you the power to choose who you connect with through a one-to-one encrypted connection, the power of  privacy and  trust is back in your hands.

Our Commitment to you:

We take your privacy very seriously

We don’t mine or sell your data

We only have access to your basic account information, in order to service your account

Your information belongs to you and you decide what is securely shared and with whom

Your data is encrypted using unique encryption keys that only you own and control

We are dedicated to building and keeping our customers’ trust

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy Terms of Use