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How it Works

Digital Trust Made Simple

We believe that trust should be as central to your life in the digital world as it is in the real world. Security in your digital technology requires a strong foundation of trust.

1. Create Your Identity

We help you create your digital identity and protect your information with advanced encryption. After you create your identity, you choose to share your information with only the people you trust.

Your identity is always biometrically and cryptographically protected.

Own your identity.

2. Establish Your Connection

We give you control  over who’s connected with your persona through a pyp. Think of pyps as the way you connect your digital identity with the outside world.

You decide who to trust and with whom to establish a one on one connection.

Always in control.

3. Build Your Network

After you create your digital Identity you take ownership and control. You build your network through secure one-to-one connections that allow you to trust the relationships you establish.

Now simply share information and communicate with your trusted relationships.

Trust your connections.

What Life Would be Like

Your information is vital to so many parts of your life.  Who you trust and what you share from those experiences should be determined by you. Hotpyp uniquely empowers you to control privacy and trust while enhancing your security.


Ownership of your digital self.


Organized, making life easier.


Powerful control of your identity.


Visible and transparent.


Confidential and non-intrusive, never sold.


Protected from cybercrime.